Michał Krzyżanowski




I'm a Ruby developer with over 8 years of professional experience. I'm an eloquent programmer with a deep knowledge of both standard library and most industry-standard gems.

Ruby on Rails

I enjoy writing maintanable, scalable, well tested code in complex applications. I equally like writing both new feautres and refactoring existing ones.


I have a knack for solving complex SQL-related issues. I can help you with performance optimisations, I can prepare some custom triggers or utilize one of the postgres extensions.


I'm familiar with modern JS ecosystem. I can write ES6+ code or help you with a transition to TypeScript.

...You name it!

I'm always open to new challenges.


I have experience with React+Redux applications. I can create new one from scratch or work on an existing one.

Open Source

Some repositories I contributed to.

Fast and distributed workflow runner using ActiveJob and Redis. Featured in RubyWeekly.
Ruby Star Fork
Web GUI for monitoring and managing Gush workflows.
CoffeeScript Star Fork
Official SDK for Aftership app.
Ruby Star Fork
Official SDK for Postmen app.
Ruby Star Fork
Controller layer for the Hanami web framework.
Ruby Star Fork
One of the most popular gems that provides DSL for building forms in Rails.
Ruby Star Fork